Tips For Getting Your Home Sold Faster!

Preparing Your Home For Potential Buyers

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1. Curb Appeal - Fact: Homes that have a fresh outside apperance
get more intrest from potential buyers!


2. Staging / Uncluttering - Can buyers imagine themselves living in your house? Keep clutter such as mail and newspapers off the counter spaces, it is very easy to stack 'stuff' on flat surfaces -
resist it! Don't forget the front and sides of the refrigerator either!


3. Upgrades - Small things make a big difference, sink faucets, shower heads, kitchen hardware, door handles etc...


4. Move-In Condition - It’s important that doors, appliances, electrical, plumbing are in compliance and in working order!


5. Inspections - Having inspections done prior to listing is a good way to know that your home is ready to sell and also saves the buyer time and money!


6. Price It Right - Having a realtor who is familiar the current market conditions can benefit you when listing your house to sell! Price it competitively!


7. Promote - When choosing a realtor, ask questions like: Where do you advertise?, How are you planning to market our house?,  Do you host open houses? 

8. Perks For Buyers - Leave some quality items behind for the buyer, incentives to choose your home over the one down the street, items such as: stainless steel appliances,  a flat screen TV, golf cart, lawn mower etc...


9. Get Rid Of Smells - Don't just cover them up, if carpets are stained, consider replacing them; if tiles are cracked or chipped, replace them; If linoleum is scratched, ripped, or worn replace it;  wood floors can look great after a polishing! A fresh coat of paint helps smells too! In nice weather, open the windows for nice fresh air!


10. Remove Personal Items - Without items that belong to the sellers, it is much easier for buyers to see themselves and their items in your house- making it more desirable place to move into! Remove family schedules, pictures and other personal items from the refrigerator.


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